Four Paws® Walk-About® Dog Trolley Exerciser - Heavy Weight

Four Paws

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Don't let your furry friend feel cooped up! No fence? No problem! Let your dog safely roam outside with the Heavy Weight Trolley Exerciser for dogs! This tie-out cable for dogs allows your furry friend to sniff around, exercise, and explore outdoors while staying safe and contained. The rust-proof dog run cable is made of durable aircraft cable and includes a pulley lead.

Caution: The security/effectiveness of this product will depend on the material into which it is embedded. Loose soil, or soft, dry or rotting wood, for example, may not provide for a secure installation. Be forewarned that a strong or determined animal may still be capable of pulling itself free from this product, as with all such similar devices.

  • Outdoor dog cable made of durable, vinyl-coated aircraft cable
  • Rust-proof dog tie-out cable is long lasting and won't fray
  • Gives your dog freedom, safety, & exercise
  • Easy-to-clean tangle-free cord
  • Simple to use

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