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Dog Training at Pet Friendly in Hilton, NY

Pet Friendly offers training for both people and dogs. Our goal is to help families and their dogs understand each other better by improving their communication with one another to achieve the best relationship possible. Our training methodology is focused on a combination of reward based methods including praise, toys, food, clickers and life rewards.

Every dog needs need guidance and structure to succeed in the human world, and every dog deserves the chance to learn how to become a courteous canine. Modern training will give you the trust and control that you need to enjoy your relationship with your dog to the fullest. We can provide you with guidance, training and safe socialization outlets for your companion dog.

Life Skills

Early training and socialization is the most important thing you can do for your dog! Our Life Skills classes prepare your puppy for the rest of their life!

Life Skills is the part of our Foundation program designed for puppies 8wks –20wks old as an introduction to life in the human world. One important aspect of Life Skills classes is that they will incorporate play and socialization skills throughout.

These classes partners well with our Core Skills classes and puppies may attend both Life Skills and Core Skills classes simultaneously if desired. Once puppies reach 16 weeks they are eligible to interview for our daycare program as well to continue socializing with other dogs!

Vital Skills puppies will learn include:

*Self-Control *Settle/Relax *Confinement/Boundary training *Appropriate Chewing Habits *Potty Training Routines/ troubleshooting *Confidence building *Play skills

Core Skills

Core Skills (previously Basic class) will cover basic cues that you and your dog need to know to communicate including sit, down, stay, place, let’s go, leave it, building self control, and loose leash walking.

  • 1. Learn how to encourage your dog to appropriately greet human and dog strangers, interpret your dog’s body language, and manage unwanted behavior during training.
  • 2. We will discuss strategies, games, cues and equipment to help with loose leash walking.
  • 3. We will work on building our stay, go to place and leave it cues. We can use these cues to help build our dogs self-control and focus.
  • 4. We will work on building a reliable recall, as well as improving consistency in several other cued behaviors.
  • 5. We will learn about using toys to drive appropriate play, games that have rules and enrichment activities we can plan to leave your dog relaxed, tired and happy.

Watch the calendar for more exciting classes to be added!


6 passes - $149.99 + tax
12 passes - $274.99 + tax (Most Popular)

*Class sizes are kept small for safety and to enhance the learning experience limited availability sign up and reserve your spot today!

For more information - Please call 585-489-3639 or email us at

About our Trainers

Lindsay Maier

Lindsay Maier has a Bachelors degree in Biology from Allegheny College with over 2 years of coursework in animal behavior. She has volunteered with wildlife, large and small domestic animals, and exotic animals in a variety of settings including rescues, research facilities, agricultural settings and Seneca Park Zoo. She is very interested in continuing her education in animal behavior, training, enrichment, and cognition. She is considering options to pursue her education in companion animal physical and emotional rehabilitation. Currently, Lindsay volunteers with Going to the Dogs Rescue, a foster-based, all-breed dog rescue out of Perry NY.

Professional Certifications:

Lindsay is a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-knowledge assessed). She has completed coursework through Animal Behavior institute, Ian Dunbar, and Karen Pryor as well as the Dog Behavior Course. She is also a member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), Pet Professional Guild and Animal Behavior Management Alliance.


  • Relevant to Crawford County Animal Response Team: Red Cross Pet First Aid
  • Intro to Wildlife Rescue and Rehab Issues
  • Dunbar Academy, All Access Pass


  • Fearful Dogs Workshop with Debbie Jacobs
  • Reactive Rover Training with Kelly Cottrell
  • APDT Conference 2017