Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care | Hilton, NY

Please note: We are not currently taking new doggie daycare clients. All dogs above 6 months of age must be fixed.

What better way to get your pet socialized and have him make new friends while you are at work or just simply don't have the time to give him during the day. Our indoor/outdoor area located at our store in Hilton, NY gives your pet a cage free experience to do just that.

Benefits of Doggie Day Care:

Your dog gets to play with dogs and people while you’re busy or at work!

We meet their mental and physical needs so you can enjoy a calm evening with your pet!

Day care at Pet Friendly in Hilton, NY fits your dogs need, your schedule and your budget! Come once in a while, once a week or every day. Flexible drop-off and pick-up. Stay for half days or play all day. Save even more with 5, 10 and 20 day doggie daycare packages!

Doggie day care allows dogs to socialize and play with other dogs in a safe, supervised environment.

This type of play keeps your dog active and healthy! It’s a great outlet for energetic young dogs and older friends who need to stay active.

Socialization! Great for older puppies to gain positive experiences with other dogs!

Doggie Day Care Rates:

Interview test: Free

Buy Half Day: $23 + tax

Buy Full Day: $36 + tax

Doggie Day Care Packages:

Please remember our packages are designed to help our frequent guests with pricing and they will expire if not used.

Buy 5-day package: $170.00 + tax ($34/day) - Package expires 1 month after purchase

Buy 10-day package: $320 + tax ($32/day) - package expires 2 months after purchase

Buy 20-day package: $600 + tax ($30/day) - package expires 4 months after purchase

DAY CARE HOURS: Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm

Customer Testimonial

Stefanie Aiello: Originally started taking my dog Manny to Doggie Daycare as a means to keep him socialized as he got older, and to give him time to play with other dogs. What I have ended up getting out of his time spent at Pet Friendly has proven to be so much more. The staff at the daycare is very attentive to the dog's needs, and report cards are even given out when I pick him up so I can know what my dog did all day, and what kind of day he had overall. They inform me of any behaviors I might want to keep an eye on, and of what "friends" he made that day and played with. Manny gets lots of exercise running around playing, which I have seen when they post pictures online. It is so adorable to see him with his playmates having a good time. Manny enjoys his time at "school" so much that he literally runs to the front door of Pet Friendly when we arrive. He will sit there until I get to the door to let him in the store. He then proceeds to run to the back of the store and waits outside of the daycare door. To see him so enthusiastic about his time there makes taking him even more fulfilling. Many thanks to the Pet Friendly staff for a wonderful daycare!!!!!

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