Different Types Of Dog Beds

You’re not the only one that deserves a nice, soft place to sleep. Here are some different styles of dog beds to get your pooch off the hardwood floor and sleeping comfortably:

Standard dog beds are probably the one that you are the most familiar with. They are usually long, cushion-like beds that are made from a variety of plush materials.

Much like standard dog beds, the major difference in these is that they have raised edges. These are nice if your dog likes to curl up and lean against one of the bed’s soft siding

If you have an older dog that has problem with its hips or bones in general, you might consider an orthopedic bed. These are better for older dogs because they are a little thicker due to their foam design. This will give their joints some relief because they are soft enough to lie on but still hard enough to get up from.

Dogs that sleep in crates need beds too. They can come in specific sizes to fit your crate as well as being stain resistant.

Depending on the season, your dog may like to be a little warmer or cooler. If you have extremely cold temperatures in your house and your pup isn’t equipped with a heavy coat of fur, you may consider a heated bed. If your dog comes in from the summer heat and needs to cool off, the cooling bed is a better alternative to the cool hardwood floor.

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