Why Your Dog Needs a Bed

A dog can be reasonably comfortable sleeping nearly anywhere – on the furniture, in a corner, sprawled on your lap, etc. – so why is a dog bed necessary? The right bed will serve several purposes both for the dog and the dog owner, and it is an important part of canine pet supplies.

Why Your Dog Will Prefer a Bed

Dogs may be able to sleep in a wide variety of places, but a good bed can be much more comfortable. The right size and style of bed will provide your dog…

  • Warmth: Proper bedding will help insulate your dog from a cold floor, especially tile or wood floors. The dog's body heat will also be trapped by the bedding, creating a cozy warm pocket for the dog to snuggle.

  • Comfort: A padded bed is softer and more comfortable than a hard floor to sleep on. This is especially true for older dogs that may suffer from arthritis, or any dog that may have joint stiffness, hip trouble or similar problems.

  • Security: The bed will become a dog's safe space, an area they know is theirs and they can retreat to for rest and relaxation. This can be especially important if the dog's bed must be relocated – they will still know the bed is their secure place.

Why You Will Prefer Your Dog to Have a Bed

Dog owners may love to cuddle with their pets, but a bed is more than just a place to sleep, and it can help dog owners with…

  • Training: A bed is a notable space you can train your dog to retreat to if you don't want the pet underfoot for whatever reason. If a dog has a bed and is trained to use it, they are less likely to be on furniture or in other places they should not be.

  • Cleaning: If a dog is sleeping in its bed, more pet hair and dander will be concentrated there instead of on the rest of the furniture. Many beds are washable or have removable, washable covers, making cleaning up a snap.

  • Safety: A dog's bed can be positioned in a safe, secure place and the dog that is trained to use it will be less likely to jump up on furniture. This lessens the risk of falls off unstable furniture, and keeps the pet from inadvertently damaging upholstery.

Choosing the Right Dog Bed

While even just a pile of dedicated blankets or an old crib mattress can be used as a dog bed, a better designed bed will be more comfortable for your dog. When choosing a bed, consider…

  • Size: Choose the right bed size for your dog's size and how they like to sleep. Some dogs prefer to curl up tightly while others will stretch out, and the bed should accommodate that. Also choose a size appropriate to where it will be placed in your home, so the bed is not in the way or causing a trip hazard.

  • Filling: Consider any allergies or skin sensitivities your dog has when choosing a bed to be sure it is not filled with a material that will make them uncomfortable. Note the softness or firmness of the filling compared to the support your dog needs. Some fillings will help reduce odors as well.

  • Cover: A bed that has a removable cover will be easier to clean, reducing pet hair and dander buildup. Covers could also be changed seasonally to keep the bed cheerful and attractive, but be sure the cover material is suitable for indoor or outdoor use as needed.

With the right bed, both you and your dog can get a good night's sleep!

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